Lighting Trends

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The spaces we live in should be inspired and inspiring. Choose lighting that not only illuminates but enhances the style of your home.
See the following lighting insights from our award-winning interior design team.


iSo long, boring matchy-matchy finishes! I love mixing metal finishes to create interest and depth in a space. By layering different finishes, you effortlessly create a richer look. This works particularly well for kitchens and baths. Start with your plumbing as the predominant metal and layer in a different finish with your lighting to complement the look, not matching exactly.

I like to pull hues from other elements in the room — tile, granite or cabinets and then add warm gold tones or cool chrome / nickel tones. Juxtaposing a darker finish in a light space and vice versa adds an unexpected pop. This technique works best when mixing 3-4 finishes, keeping it from feeling unorganized and avoiding missing a key element. I find this look is easy to replicate on any budget and works with many different styles.
~ Johanna Serino, Lead Interior Designer


I’ve been inspired by a recent client who challenged me to bring nature into her interiors without being too dated and obvious. I’m loving the Gem Collection from Hammerton, as it was the perfect way to blend her modern aesthetic with her desire to bring hints of nature inside. This collection resembles rocks or precious gems, especially with the way the light is cast through the faceted hand-blown glass. It’s a way to speak back to natural elements, while still looking timeless and classy.
~ Lisa Yates, Lead Interior Designer


Lighting has always been one of my favorite parts of design. I love playing with scale and using fixtures that are dramatic. As long as you have a well thought out lighting plan as your base, the decorative selections really do become the jewelry and can take a client’s space to the next level.

Lately, I have been drawn to stylized or geometric shapes that have a mix of finishes. Whether it be metals or glass or wood tones, there is something mesmerizing about the way the light reflects off of different metallic finishes. Allow your decorative lighting to invoke an emotional reaction. There is only one rule in lighting, have fun!
~ Christina Romano, Lead Interior Designer